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GTC Policy

..:: Policy Formulation and Structure

Tackling the challenges of identify management in the digital world in a manner that is in the interest of both society and individuals, requires a global approach and local implementation. The Global Trust Center has developed a response to this challenge, as encapsulated in the Global Trust Center Policy on Enabling Trust in the Digital World (the GTC Global Policy), which was ratified by the International Council of the Global Trust Center in 2008.

Adoption of the GTC Global Policy enables governments to develop a national policy that can be tailored to specific local and cultural conditions, but at the same time embrace a user-centric approach that is conducive to efficiency and respect individual privacy and integrity within the globalising economy and digital networks.

The development of national policies, based on the GTC Global policy, can facilitate a trustworthy interoperable identification framework for both domestic and cross-border interactions, evolving around verification through national registers for citizens, businesses, and administration.

To provide the appropriate level of governance and direction, the GTC undertakes continued research around issues that arise with the GTC Global Policy. The GTC organizes and supports the GTC International Council as a major international policy forum for guarding the development of the GTC Global Policy, as well as open discussion on a wider range of relevant issues, including those associated with economic, social, technical and organizational aspects of trust in the digital world. Highly respected members are drawn from the more than thirty nations that are represented on the Council.

The overall agenda of the GTC is serviced by the GTC Secretariat, which works closely with the International Council and also external experts to address areas of specific interest as they arise. Through a process of iteration with Council members, the purpose is to lay the basis for the development and ratification of effective policies with a high degree of integrity and tailored to supporting national- and industry-specific requirements.

Because of the high societal importance as well as commercial value that may accrue to future implementation of the GTC Global Policy, commercial companies have attempted to present other variants and versions of the GTC Global Policy. Incorrect versions could lend support to the development of sole technological and organizational solutions developed and presented under false pretext. The Global Trust Center aims to lay the basis for a sound playing field for identity management in which there is room for healthy competition between rivalling solutions adopting the policy.

In the event versions of the GTC Global Policy, other than that ratified by the International Council of the Global Trust Center, would appear and be referred to, any party fearing to be subjected to such a situation is recommended to contact the Secretariat to confirm the correctness of the policy presented to them.




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